Mitten Workers 🧤

Helping Workers in Michigan

Many are in financial distress due to Covid-19 business closures.

Service Workers Need Our Help

With so many businesses in our community shutting down in response to Covid-19, most service workers have suddenly lost a reliable income. To support them, this site can be used to raise funds for local workers and other small businesses impacted by these closures.

If you are able to support a local business in Michigan, you can find them below and contribute to them directly.

Add a Local Business

Tell your favorite independent business in Michigan to register on so we can help drive support in their direction.

If you own or operate a services business affected by Covid-19 in Michigan, fill out this form to register your business and validate your listing.

Randomly Select a Business

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About This Project ❤️ was created by a group of friends who worked at Venmo.

I forked their code to support local businesses in Michigan. 💙

@stdoyle 🧤